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    We are a creative film and photo production company based in Bangalore. Working with a network of diverse professionals, we believe in the importance of strong visual communication.
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Our Vission

To solve the most complex and mission critical issues. 
A right approach for the right outcome.
A perfectionist employee without delay.

Our Mission

To be a leader in the Visual Effects, Animations and Special Effects industry by providing cost efficient, customer specific quality products and services with ultimate data security while adhering to strict delivery schedules.

Completed projects

We've produced films in different categories, short or document films

Happy clients

Customers are satisfied by our experience and professionalism

Years of experience

The two decades history has cultivated our expertise in the industry perfectly

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Spirit VFX studio is an outsourcing service organization with a mission to provide quality and timely delivery to its worldwide clients.
We make every order by hand, one fixture at a time.

From the quick and simple, to the most complex of multi-layered shots, our team of highly experienced roto artists know which combination of techniques
2D/3D Animation
2D/3D computer graphics are mainly used in applications that were previously developed upon traditional printing and drawing techniques.
Virtual Reality
Spirit VR Studio is dedicated to creating immersive and interactive content, blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

Our Happy Clients


For admission Call - 7624985342

Spiritvfx-Academy is a part of Bangalore based organization, offers courses related to VFX. Being a part of the company, which provides VFX based solutions to their customer, gives them the practical knowledge to guide their students.